Check Vehicle History with a Free VIN Search Service

Check Vehicle History with a Free VIN Search Service. Instant Results with No Credit Card Required.

Cars Owners offers a unique service that helps car buyers conduct a Free VIN Search online. Here's how that works – you enter the 17-digit VIN number and press Check VIN. After that, you are required to choose the report that best suits your needs. The final step is, of course, careful examination.

The most frequently requested pieces of information are: odograph readings, history of previous uses, history of theft/accidents/towing, recalls, warranty, and defective parts reports. With all of that information in mind, you can make a well-informed decision on whether or not the car is worth the asking price. Beware, there are many shady used car dealerships out there as well!

In conclusion, we'd like to point out that, unlike many other services, Cars Owners does not require you to fill out information regarding your credit card number, on top of giving you INSTANT results. Take full advantage of our 100% free offer right now. See if there's something wrong with the car you're planning on buying!